Al Steele

Al Steele was born in Australia, and moved to the UK in 1971. As a teenager he worked with some of the American rock ‘n roll stars,such as Johnny and The Hurricanes, and the now sadly departed Del Shannon.
In the 80’s, Al was a staff-writer at
Southern Music, and he also began composing music for television.
He has written many T.V. themes, including BBC Series, Independent TV scores, sports themes for HTV, and promotional music.
During the nineties, he was a featured guitarist on a whole range of T.V. shows, including. “A Night Out With Money”, “Just Up Your Street”, “Money In The Bank”, “Peter Karrie Unmasked”, “Sian Cothi”, and “Voice Of A Nation”.
In the early 90’s, he was touring with
The Korgis (“Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”), and he also became Musical Director of the legendary R&B outfit, The Diva’s.
Also since ’93, Al has been the Arranger/Musical Director for
The Sounds Of The Supremes, in ’98 taking them to Banff, Canada. He has worked alongside Vince Falcone (Frank Sinatra’s M.D.), where Al conducted the ‘All Stars Big Band’.
In 1997 Al composed a full orchestral score for the Dave Daggers movie,
“Dance On A Volcano”, and was Vocal Arranger/Vocalist on the Oscar nominated animation, “Famous Fred”.
In ’99, in collaboration with fellow musician Nigel Hart, Al opened a digital recording complex, Shabbey Road Studios.
In May 2000, he took part in a rare performance of
Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass”. The concert, which was broadcast live on Radio 2, featured the National Orchestra of Wales as part of a cast of over 800 musicians and singers. Solo guitar and voice opens the whole piece.
He also toured with
“Music To Watch Girls Go By”, featuring Gary Wilmot, and played for Jane McDonald on her “Summer Spectacular” in Bournmouth.
In the studio he was commissioned to sequence Elvis Costello’s ballet musical
"Sogno". This was shortly before the world premiere.
In the early 2000’s, with Nigel Hart, Al arranged and produced
Holly Holyoakes debut album. This was one of the first forays into strictly classical music, that would later become a mainstay.
Between 2000 and 2008 Al arranged and produced seven albums for world renowned guitar soloist
Zoe McCulloch. Three of his compositions made the albums, as well as a collaboration with Mason Williams on a new version of ‘Classical Gas’.
Al and Nigel Hart formed the
Welsh Television Orchestra in 2005, to broaden the studio recordings onto the live stage. Principle artistes were Paul Child and Owen Money. For HTV and the BBC the WTO were part of 7 different TV series backing many artistes.
Around 2001, Al began a long and fruitful partnership with songwriter Paul Weston. Initially with Louise Ryan (Charlotte Church vocal coach), and then later with just Al as producer/arranger and Paul as songwriter. This would continue all the way to his untimely death in 2014, and culminate in the Weston/Steele co-write
‘My Desire’, a 12- minute epic for orchestra/rock band and vocal.
In 2005 Al and Shabbey Road Studios were commissioned to compose the music for the Modern Television production starring Griff Rhys Jones,
‘A Pembrokeshire Farm.. After a few radical reshapes the series was aired on the BBC in 2007.
Also for Modern television was
Terry Jones and The Great Map Mystery. Featuring an innovative score, this was broadcast in 2008.
In 2011 Al produced and arranged Britains Got Talent star Jamie Pugh’s debut album
‘Bring Him Home’. all the arrangements were tailored to Jamie’s unique voice. To date Jamie has over 10 million hits for his BGT rendition of the title song.
Between 2011 and 2013 Al recorded and produced the now acclaimed
Peter Karrie album (West End’s longest running Phantom, in ‘Phantom Of The Opera’) ‘Standing Alone’.
In 2012 Daniel & Laura Curtis booked into Shabbey Road Studios to record a couple of songs from the American Songbook, and also a song of their own. A small start that would develop into an incredible partnership.
Al has since arranged and produced for
Daniel & Laura Curtis:
‘A Miner’s Song’ (featuring Aled Jones, Caroline Sheen, Dennis O'Neill, Ioan Gruffudd, Iris Williams, Jamie Pugh, John Owen Jones, Jonathan Pryce, JP Jones, Mark Llewelyn Evans, Paul Potts, Rebecca Evans, Sian Phillips, Wynne Evans. Michael Sheen, Pino Palladino, Joe Calzaghe and the late Richard Burton... among others!).
The debut album
‘Love on 42nd St’ (featuring Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, John Owen Jones, Lea Salonga, Sam Barks, Simon Bowman and Kasia Howley), which  topped the Broadway and Vocal chart, in the US and the UK
The singles ‘When You Smile’ by
Laura Osnes, and ‘Find The Best Of Me’ by Cheyenne Jackson.
In 2014 Al was Musical Director for
‘The Songs Of Daniel and Laura Curtis’ performed at The Royal Albert Hall. Here a connection was made with the amazing David Stanley from The Music Man Group. In support of Mencap the group will perform at The London Palladium with an orchestra and massed choirs, under the joint batons of Al and David. Al is currently writing scores for the 20 odd songs that will be performed on the night.  

Studio projects that Al has been directly involved with are:

         Sequencing ballet music for Elvis Costello

         Composing, orchestrating and recording numerous TV themes for both BBC and ITV

         Orchestrating and recording CDís for sopranos Holly Holyoakes and James Rhys Lawrence

         Arranging and recording CDís for, amongst others, ...
Guitar soloist Zoe McCulloch.
Al also arranged all Zoeís band parts with which she has toured Germany and America

Jamie Pugh's 'Bring Him Home' album.

Ongoing projects include:

q       Full orchestral score and song for a US children's feature film.

q       Musical arrangements for a full orchestral show at the London Palladium in 2015.

q       Working closely with many singer-songwriters, sometimes co-writing, and developing original songs with arrangements, real instruments, backing vocals and/or harmonies to fully produced demos.


Instruments played:

q       Guitars- acoustic and electric

q       Bass guitar

q       Banjo

q       Keyboards

q       Lead vocals

q       Backing vocals

ArtistesAl has worked with, include:

Adam Robert Lewis
Aled Jones
Alexander Hanson
Bonnie Tyler
Caroline Sheen
Cassie Compton
Charlotte Jaconelli
Cheyenne Jackson
Chloe Hart
Daniel & Laura Curtis
David Soul
Del Shannon
Dennis O'Neill
Duncan Heather
The Divas
Elvis Costello
Gary Wilmot
Griff Rhys Jones
Ian Stroughair
Ioan Gruffudd
Iris Williams
Jamie Pugh

Jane McDonald
Jeremy Stockwell
Joe Calzaghe
Joe Pasquale
John Owen Jones
Jonathan Pryce
JP Jones
Kara Lily Hayworth
Kasia Howley
Katie Paine
Katie Treharne
The Korgis
Lea Salonga
Laura Osnes
Lucie Jones
Maria Coyne
Mark Llewelyn Evans
Max Keir
Michael Sheen
Mike Doyle
Mitchell Gamble
National Orchestra of Wales
Owen Money
Paul Child

Paul Weston
Paul Potts
Peter Karrie
Pino Palladino
Ramin Karimloo
Rebecca Caine
Rebecca Evans
Rosie Ladkin
Sacha Distel
Samantha Barks
Sean Rumsey
Sian Cothi
Sian Phillips
Sierra Boggess
Simon Bowman
The Sounds Of The Supremes
Terry Jones
Vince Falcone
Welsh Television Orchestra
Wynne Evans
Zoe McCulloch